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Accordion folder – Get super excited

Accordion folder – Get super excited

Get excited, let yourself go and get ready to enjoy sooo much. Dedicate yourself to fulfilling all those pending dreams of yours and make a lot of unforgettable plans come true, do not worry about anything else. In the meantime, take care of receipts, tickets, papers and important documents in this expandable folder, so cool! The best notes, work or even receipts have a reserved place in this wonderful folder, you can have all the papers in order and get ready to make your plans a reality. Your first task is to decide how you are going to allocate it´s seven sections, because here you and only you rule, so you can use your method to organise and plan all your paperwork. For all its space, its practicality, the fact you can file documents that do not have holes, its endless options and possibilities, this expandable folder with seven sections has earned a VIP position on your desk, now it’s time to fulfil your dreams in record time.

Size:  32 x 23 x 1,5 cm

Rigid cardboard folder with gusset, allowing you to store lots of papers, all organised in its 7 interior compartments.

Accordion folder
Accordion folder – Get super excited