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2600 mAh power bank – More power than you avo imagined

2600 mAh power bank – More power than you avo imagined
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There are some things in life that we just can't live without, a hug from our loved ones, a nice tea or coffee with our breakfast on a Sunday morning and of course in this world of technology: our mobile phones. And sometimes they run out of battery at the most inconvenient times, like when we're juuuuust about to buy those concert tickets, at the biggest cliff-hanger during a series we're watching on a tiny screen because we're too lazy to get up and get our laptops, or just as we're about to check our exam results we've been waiting months to find out about. But these things will no longer be a problem with this product we've designed here at Mr. Wonderful: a handy pocket power bank with a super cute avocado design that'll bring out a smile on your face whenever you look at it. You'll be fully charged all the time! And not only is it for mobiles phones; you can charge anything via USB with this handy gadget (as long as you remember to charge it up yourself that is!). You’ll be able to Instagram and Facebook ‘til your heart’s content from now on! Time to power up! Guac are you waiting for?

- Power Bank mod.
- Shape 2600mAh
- Micro USB cable included
- Battery Li-Polymer
- Input: 5V/1A
- Output: 5V/1A