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16 USB stick – Pineapple (of your eye)

16 USB stick – Pineapple (of your eye)
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Are you one of those people who just loves the summer? The sea, the waves, the sun, the ice creams and of course, the tropical fruit! There's nothing better than a juicy bit of pineapple to keep you feeling refreshed... and even better if it's as cute and cuddly as this one! Not only is this pineapple the cutest and most squishiest thing you've ever seen, it also has a more serious side to it and can be used to store all your important documents (especially your holiday snaps and summer playlists – the most important things by far!) with its 16 GB capacity you'll have plenty of space to store all those summer memories. Who doesn't love looking back over summer pics and keeping those memories alive? What's more, you won't need to worry about losing them with the handy cord it has to keep it by your side wherever you go! We would go as far as saying that not only is this a pineapple, but it's a fine-apple! It'll be love at first sight and all your friends will be after one too! With this USB stick you'll be feeling summery all year long, even on those dark winter mornings! Check it out!

- 3,8 x 1,4 cm
- Memory chip for data transfer compatible with all the operative systems.
- It comes with a cap designed to be placed in the USB slot of the shell when the USB flash drive is in use.
- The little metal chain keeps your USB flash drive safely attached to the shell, so you don't lose it or damage it accidentally.