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10.2" iPad Cover - Milkshakes

10.2" iPad Cover - Milkshakes
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Each treasure should come with its own theft-, kidnap- and nick-proof chest. Just like you keep all those things you think about but you don't always say out loud, in your diary with a padlock, your selfies with a double chin on a mobile phone with a more complicated password than some yoga poses or your mother's cottage pie on the VIP shelf in the fridge... your iPad should also be cared for in the way it deserves. That's why we've designed a case as special and as lovely as this to pamper it and keep it safer than the Indiana Jones treasure. This Mr. Wonderful 10.2” iPad case will bring you a smile and will remind you of those endless summer evenings thanks to its super cute milkshake print. But that's not all, because it will also be a great tool to protect it from blows and comings and goings so that you can take it everywhere without worrying about anything at all. So, you can always keep it close and, incidentally, show off a great iPad case capable of leaving everyone around you speechless. Now it seems impossible for you to live without it, right? Well, you know, treat yourself and protect your iPad in the most original and special way.