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Capa para Portátil - Let’s go surfing

26,95 €

Capa para Portátil - Let’s go surfing

Capa para Portátil - Let’s go surfing
26,95 €

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You would not surf so well even if you lived in Australia. Although your kind of surfing, rather than riding a board, is staying online all day, so this laptop cover protects your computer from bumps and scratches and keeps all your important files safe and sound.

Cover size: 37 x 27 x 2.8 cm (for a 13.3" laptop).

Although neoprene can be washed, because of the zippers, accessories and inner lining, we recommend using lukewarm water and soap to very gently wipe off the more difficult stains. Allow it to completely dry before using it again.

26,95 €
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