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Album - 9 months and a thousand adventures (ENG)

19,90 €

Album - 9 months and a thousand adventures (ENG)

Album - 9 months and a thousand adventures (ENG)
19,90 €

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When you get pregnant your whole world changes. At first no-one can see your tummy growing, but you know it is and that is all it takes to see the world in a new way. Pregnancy is a really special time in a mother’s life. It starts as a question. What if…? And suddenly a definite yes changes your body into a great big lump and your excitement grows every day along with your tummy.

It is the time to prepare the nest and get everything ready. It is a special, magical time you are sure to want to keep in your memory. Remember that day? That afternoon you decided on the name? When they grow up you will want to tell them lovely stories about when they were in your tummy and a good album is just the ticket to refresh your memory.

We have designed this album because we know how special those nine months are. A perfect way of preserving such a beautiful time and an amazing gift for your baby when they are older and learn how to read.

Ideal for all kinds of families: those having their first child, single-parent families, large families and those having twins or triplets.

- A 64-page 21.5 X 14 cm album.
- Sheets you can fill in with your memories.
- 8 sheets with 182 stickers for you to decorate your album just the way you like.

19,90 €
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