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Diary 2016 -2017 Daily - Things to do and 365 stories to enjoy (ENG)

Diary 2016 -2017 Daily - Things to do and 365 stories to enjoy (ENG)

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Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please, THE DIARY has arrived. And it is in capital letters because this is the diary for people who need plenty of room to write everything down. It is a large diary with one day per page to tell the 365 enjoyable stories you have ahead of you.

Ideal for getting perfectly organized from September 2016 to September 2017. Every day there is a phrase to put a smile on your face and start the day full of beans. This year it is more packed than ever with plenty of space to write down your greatest ideas, expenses, lists, a handy foldout 2017-2018 calendar and, of course, more than 240 lovely and pretty stickers. Plus, can keep the diary shut with an elastic strip so you don't lose any ideas along the way.

And each new month brings extra joy with it because in this diary there are pages dividing one month from another filled with great ideas and content such as recipes, plans for each season, and a list to help you pack the perfect suitcase for your vacation.

Oh! And remember: if you buy it here in our online store, we will give you a cute cotton bag to keep your diary safe and sound.

Designed and produced with lots of love in Barcelona.

- Personal details - 1st page.
‐ 6 pages of weekly timetables.
- 316 diary pages running from September 1, 2016 to September 3, 2017.
- 24 double-page introductions to the month.
- 2 pages of contacts.
- 4 pages of to-do lists.
- 4 pages for recording expenses.
- 11 pages of notes.
- 8 pages of punched stickers.
- 1 page with stencils and a bookmark.
- Foldout annual calendar inside.
- Inside pocket on the back cover.
- 368 pages in total.
- Elastic strip to keep the diary closed.

- Diary: 16 x 22 cm
- Elastic: 1.2 cm